Enrichment Activities & Clubs

At Franklin K-8 School, staff and parents collaborate to provide students the opportunity to participate in various enrichment activities throughout the year.

Any questions about activities and clubs can be directed to the Franklin K-8 main office at 541-757-5747 or to maxine.agather@corvallis.k12.or.us.

ActivityGradesDescriptionStaff Contact
Science Night (January)K-8Science Night features professional scientists from our community to present in various scientific fields of study giving children and their families fun and inspirational hands-on activities to get excited about the sciences!
Greekfest (January)6, 7, 8Students study topics in Art, Social Studies, and Literature, which correlate and complement each other. 6th grade students will showcase projects, favor audiences with skits, and participate in games that demonstrate what students have synthesized in their studies of Ancient Greek civilizations. If Health Guidelines permit, younger students will visit Greekfest, supporting curriculum taught in 2nd and 4th grades.Rachael Van Fleet
OBOB (January-March)3, 4, 5
6 ,7, 8
OBOB practices take place in January with 'Battles' in February. Details: Teams of 4-5 students read 16 books, divided as the team chooses and battles take place during school hours. Sign-up rosters are posted in classrooms, as well as in the library. See more information below.Sara Juranek
Creator Space6, 7Creative activities include hand stitching projects - cross stitch, quilt making, embroidery - plus crochet and bead work. Class meets 1 day a week during 7th period - projects are hands-on and self-paced.Sara Juranek
STEM88th grade students at Franklin have the opportunity to get the exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects during 7th period class time. Activities include: creating 3-D objects and using the school’s 3-D printers to produce the end product and learning to program robots and using obstacle courses to ‘drive’ them through course. There are also many other cool hands-on learning opportunities available to peak student’s interest in STEM! Learn more here.Matt Cook
Technology/Computer Science6, 7Following curriculum from CodeHS and Beyond an Hour of Code, as well as working on projects using Google Applied Digital Skills, 6th and 7th grade students at Franklin have the opportunity to explore various technology platforms during 7th period class time. Class meets 1 day a week; the courses/projects are hands-on and self-paced.Sara Juranek
eCybermission6, 7, 8eCybermission is a virtual STEM competition. Students meet during 7th period 1 day a week to learn how to engage with their communities and work to identify and/or solve local problems. Students use the same practices as scientists and engineers, with technology and math as their tools. Franklin teams have routinely won the state level competitions! Learn more here. Mara Burke
Washington D.C. Trip7Franklin School is thrilled to announce the return of our annual 7th Grade Washington, D.C. trip - 7th Grade students travel with staff and parent chaperones for a nine-day learning trip. Read more about details and upcoming fundraising! See more information below.Jamie Luke
Franklin Press Newsletter6, 7, 8TBD - A student generated newsletter that is written and created by Franklin students for Franklin Students!

More about Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

Students form their own teams of 4-5 students. Sign-up rosters are posted in classrooms for 4th-8th graders, as well as in the library. Students will bring home a permission slip for parents and students to join the OBOB email distribution list. Practice battles are in January and official battles are in February. For more information visit http://www.oregonbattleofthebooks.org

  • Teams read 16 books, divided as the team chooses and battles take place during school hours.
  • A parent/guardian volunteer should be designated for each team. This volunteer can optionally host/organize team meetings.
  • The adult volunteer for the winning teams would need to attend the Regional battle in March (date and location TBD) and the State battle, if applicable.

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Woothtakewahbitty at franklinpta.OBOB@gmail.com.

More about the Washington D.C. Trip

The 7th Grade Washington D.C. Trip has been a unique tradition for Franklin School students. For several years Franklin 7th Grade students have traveled to Washington D.C. for a nine-day trip. We take along a parent for every 4 students and have a wonderful time exploring our nation’s Capital. Truly we “do” D.C. from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Museums, Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – just to name a few!
After being on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic, the D.C. trip is back on! As we start the school year, more information will be made available; in the meantime, check out the grade-specific videos below to understand more about the trip and to prepare for what’s next. Please send questions to Jaime Luke at jaime.luke@corvallis.k12.or.us.

Parent/Guardian Volunteers

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Chaperone News

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