About Franklin

Franklin School was established in 1995 and is operated as a school of choice by the Corvallis School District. Even though Franklin has no geographic enrollment boundary, we have a diverse population that reflects the characteristics of our community.  Franklin features a comprehensive and rigorous K-8 instructional program through which students experience the complete Core Knowledge Curriculum.  Franklin is an exceptional school that holds high expectations for all members of its community.

Franklin School provides a solid education that includes:

  • An emphasis on reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Straight-grade classrooms
  • A focus on individual learning, hard work, and
    personal responsibility
  • Homework
  • Standardized testing, report cards with letter grades (3-8)
  • High expectations for academic achievement and discipline
    parent input and involvement

Emphasis on Academics
All grades focus on reading, writing and mathematics. There is an emphasis on phonics for grades K-3 and extended writing time for grades 4-8. In grades 6-8 our students attend math for at least 60 minutes each day which amounts to 75 more minutes per week than they would have with a standard 45 minute class period. Daily science and social studies classes are required In addition to writing, literature, and math. Currently, students have physical education and music twice each week and one period of art and technology.

Testing and Grading
Student progress can be monitored by both the student and his/her parents using the online grading system of Pinnacle. Teachers and parents work as a team to the benefit of the student. Report cards with letter grades are issued every nine weeks.

Individual Student Learning
While group projects are appropriate in some circumstances, it is the individual student who must be taught. Franklin believes that it is important for students to learn to work with a variety of people from different backgrounds and who have a wide range of skills. Franklin also believes that each student is responsible for his or her own academic progress and must develop the necessary skills and study habits for success.

Parental Involvement
Study after study shows that parental involvement is the key to a student’s success in school. Parent involvement at Franklin School may include:

  • Provide transportation to and from school
    • At the end of the school day the school district provides a bus to the local Boy’s and Girl’s Club; city bus routes are easily accessible from the school
  • Support the Core Knowledge curriculum
    • Make sure your child completes and turns in all assignments on time; the challenging nature of the Core Knowledge curriculum makes that an essential piece to student success
  • Volunteer at Franklin
    • Volunteers are essential to Franklin’s program; every hour of volunteer time contributes to the overall success of our students; volunteers not only contribute to the academic success of our students, but also to a strong sense of community at Franklin.