Staff Directory

Most staff can be reached by email. Please allow 1-2 workdays for a response. If you have an urgent concern about your student, please call the school office.


Maxine Agather

Office Manager

Heather Teerlink

Registrar/Attendance/Administrative Assistant

Amy Wright


Elementary Teachers

Zach Bryant

4th Grade Teacher

Stacey Free

2nd Grade Teacher

Paige Hawkinson

5th Grade Teacher

Catherine Henning

1st Grade Teacher

Jennifer Moore

Kindergarten Teacher

Stacey Reese

3rd Grade Teacher

Middle School Teachers

Michael Baker

7th/8th Grade Math & Writing

Mara Burke

6th Grade Writing, Science & Math

Julie Carver

7th/8th Grade Literature - 8th Grade Writing

Matt Cook

7th/8th Grade Science & Math

Jaime Luke

7th/8th Grade Social Studies - 8th Grade Writing

Rachael Van Fleet

6th Grade Literature, Social Studies & Math


Ashleigh Barbeau

Speech-Language Pathologist

Caitlyn Carlsen

4th Grade Student Teacher

Katja Horan

Special Education

Roxie Huffaker

Dean of Students

Sara James

Mental Health Therapist

Travis Johnson

Physical Education/Health Teacher

Amber Paterson

School Counselor

Marisa Schwartzman

Elementary Music Teacher

Barbara Sirianni

School Counselor

Alanna Volk

Art Teacher

Dow Yeh

Middle School Music Teacher

Support Staff

Jennifer Adler

Instructional Assistant

Lisa Conser

Kitchen Manager

Lindsey Dunn

Instructional Assistant

Max Folsom

Campus Steward

Autumn Jernigan

Instructional/ELL Assistant

Kristi Johnson

Instructional Assistant

Reed Lacy

Instructional Assistant

Jessie Ozuna

Med. Room-Health Assistant

Kristy Wake


Keaton Young

Evening Campus Steward