Yearbook Cover Contest

Last year’s winning cover by Eleanor Nielsen

Entries due by January 26, 2018

You are invited to enter the Franklin School Yearbook Cover Contest. The 1st place winning cover will be printed and displayed on this years’ yearbook cover. There will be a winner at each grade level. Winners that don’t come in 1st place will have their picture displayed on the back cover of the yearbook.

Submit Artwork on:

  1. 11 x 11 inch sheet of white paper (ask Mrs. Sander’s for the paper)

All entries must include:

  1. The words “Franklin School” 3. The year… “2017-2018”

Tips for good entry:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT! Keep very important details (like words) at least 2 inches from all edges of paper…especially words! Failing to do so eliminates you!
  2. Use lots of color (including the background). Lots of “white space” is
  3. Mix up your medium – Play with one or more of the following: crayons, water colors, markers, oil pastels, .
  4. Use the whole sheet of paper (the bigger the better).
  5. Use neat, easy to read, handwriting. Messy is bad!
  6. Outline objects and letters neatly. Block or bubble letters look really good!

Questions? Talk to Mr. Johnson or Mrs. Sanders.