School Transfer Information for 2020-2021 School Year

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Enrollment at Franklin is done through a lottery process as we have a set number of students in each class. All prospective new students to Franklin need to have a transfer request submitted to the district office during the transfer window each Spring. Once the transfer window is completed, transfers to Franklin are awarded and parents are notified via email. For more information about the transfer process and window please visit the district website student transfer page.

Prospective Kindergarten students need to complete enrollment at their home school as well as request a transfer to Franklin. Once the transfer request has been completed your registration information will be obtained from your home school.

If you have any questions about this process please contact Franklin Office Manager Lacey Purkey.

Student Transfer Request Window for 2020-21 school year is May 18 – 31

Corvallis resident student transfer requests may be made through an online process from May 18 – 31 for the 2020-21 school year. The online form will be available on the web starting May 18 at the following link: For families without computer and internet access, please call 541-766-4857 for assistance.


Families may choose one school for their transfer request. If the number of students seeking transfers exceeds the number of spaces available, an equitable lottery process will be used and school waiting lists created.

Parents of kindergartners requesting transfers are required to enroll at their neighborhood schools by May 31.

  • Elementary Schools: Mt. View, Franklin (grades K-5) and Jefferson are open for limited transfers. Garfield and Lincoln are open for sibling transfers at kindergarten and 1st grade if space is available. Adams, Hoover, and Wilson are closed to transfers except for siblings if space is available.
  • Middle Schools: Cheldelin and Franklin (grades 6-8) are open for transfers as space allows. Linus Pauling is closed to transfers except for siblings if space is available.
  • High Schools: Crescent Valley High is open for transfers as space allows. Corvallis High is closed to transfers except for siblings if space is available.

Questions about the transfer process may be directed to the Assistant Superintendent’s office at 541-766-4857.