Franklin School uses E.D. Hirsch’s Core Knowledge Curriculum. It is a rigorous, sequential, and structured curriculum designed to give all children the advantage of a solid foundation in cultural literacy. Franklin School is identified as a “Core Knowledge School” and is linked with other such schools via The Core Knowledge Foundation.

As a school of choice, parental input and involvement in the life and direction of the school are vital. Parents, working together with Franklin School staff, actively support high standards of academic achievement and responsible student behavior.

Instructional techniques are left to the discretion of the educational professionals. Materials, strategies, and assessment techniques are chosen based on effectiveness and impact on student learning.


  • All children can learn.
  • Children learn in a secure, supportive environment.
  • Children can achieve high academic performance.
  • Self-esteem grows when accomplishments are made in a challenging environment.
  • Enthusiasm by students, parents and teachers enhances learning.
  • Family and school are partners in the educational process.

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