Message and Resources for Franklin Families

During this racially charged time in our history, here are some resources that you may want to utilize when talking to your children about the current events happening around the country.

Message to Franklin Students from Mr. Harlow

Over the past several days I have felt outraged, profound sadness, and some despair starting with the death of Mr. George Floyd and continuing with events unfolding across our nation. Again we are torn by the ugly reality of racism. As a white man, I also need to feel the weighty responsibility for change, as it rests with me. That change must come from my actions. It is not enough to just proclaim that I do not like racism or to turn my head from things that are painful to see. In my deeds must lie the duty of being anti-racist, continuing to explore my own bias, of continuing to give voice to those who have systemically been oppressed.

Craig Harlow
Principal, Franklin School