May Dine Out

Where: Panera Bread  335 NW 4th Street

When: Tuesday, May 23rd from 4 to 8 pm.

Flyers are required!! There's another catch:
The donation given will be based on the amount of sales associated with the flyers.
Panera uses a tiered donation scale:

  •  20-30 Flyers: 10% of net sales from redeemed flyers
  •  31-49 flyers: 15% of net sales from redeemed flyers
  • 50+ Flyers: 20% of net sales from redeemed flyers

A suggestion is to break up your family and pay separately but every payment must have a flyer. They will also not allow gift card payment. See details on the flyer! Flyers will be provided in Friday Folders before the event to K-5. Flyers can also be located in the weekly newsletter, website and at various PTA bulletin boards throughout Franklin School.

Thank you for supporting Franklin!!