Franklin Garden Club

The Franklin School Garden Club is an after-school activity where students 1-5th have the opportunity to work and play in the school garden.  The club is sponsored by the PTA and is run by parent volunteers.  Garden Club meets for one hour on Friday afternoons in the Fall and Spring, weather permitting.  We typically spend our time in the garden planting vegetables and flowers (spring), harvesting vegetables (fall), and watering the plants.  Every week we do a garden based craft or art project including painting signs, garden art with clay, making seed paper, etc… Parent volunteers sign up to bring a healthy snack and, when available, we eat fresh produce straight from the garden. 


The Franklin School garden features four large raised beds for vegetables, strawberry and raspberry patches, three apple trees, herb garden, and a worm composting bin.  Last year we added an extra raised bed for free play and the kids have been using it for planting private gardens and free-style digging projects.


If you are interested in becoming involved in the school garden program or are interested in the Garden Club, please contact Heidi Herring ( for more information.



2017 Fall Garden Club will start on September 22nd and run through November 3rd.  If your child is interested in joining the Garden Club, please fill out an enrollment form and return it to the front office by September 20th.  Kindergarteners who are accompanied by a parent are welcome to attend.   Enrollment is capped at 30 students, so return your sign-up form asap!