Franklin Site Beautification

A big “Thank you” goes out to the Franklin Families that each took a week or so this past summer vacation to water the landscape trees, shrubs and flowers along the west side (office parking lot) of the building.  Franklin Families include:  Brandt, Breece, Crump, Gregory, Martin, Nielsen, Peterson, Running, Van Brocklin and Woothtakewahbitty.  Select families also spread bark along the west side.  The school district removed the plants on the east side (cul-de-sac) to increase accessibility for painting and spread the remainder of the bark.
The Franklin Beautification Crew plans to clean up the east side of the building this fall.  Work includes:  removing plants and roots from previous plants and planting new landscape plants.  We also plan to purchase some additional plants to complete the west side. 
If you are interested in helping or have other beautification suggestions, please contact
Alice Nielsen( or Brooke Running (