Earn Money for Franklin

Super simple ways to Earn $$ for Franklin without spending any additional money!


$$ from eScrip happens in two ways!

Use your registered debit/credit card!

escrip link

  • Set up an account at eScrip.com
  • Select Franklin PTA by name and zip code (97330) or by Group ID: 8562570
  • Register your cards! As a local example, Market of Choice gives 4% each time you pay with your registered debit or credit card!
  • Ask grandparents and friends to do this too!

Shop online!

  • If you’ve already completed the steps above, then you’ve already established an account with eScrip.com! Download ForgetMeNot toolbar  at https://shopping.escrip.com/client/ on your computer and anytime you shop online with a vendor set up to donate through eScrip, a reminder will pop up to click so that your purchase will earn $$ for Franklin!
  • If you don’t want to download the ForgetMeNot toolbar, just go to eScrip’s online mall at https://shopping.escrip.com, find your favorite online store and shop away to earn $$ for Franklin! Though not necessary, downloading the toolbar does make it easier so you don’t have to go to the online mall portal first – you just go directly to the online store’s website and the toolbar will automatically remind you if it’s an eScrip vendor!


Earn for Us - Shop Amazon NowAmazon!

Each time you shop at Amazon just go to Franklin School’s website first and click on the big Amazon button. You’ll be automatically redirected to Amazon’s website, but now your purchase will automatically earn $$ for Franklin! It’s THAT easy!


Fred Meyer

fred meyer logoFred Meyer is not set up as an eScrip vendor, but still donates a great deal of money to schools! In order to earn $$ for Franklin from Fred Meyer, you need to have a Fred Meyer Rewards card and link it to Franklin PTA. This is also something you can ask grandparents and friends to do if they are shoppers at Fred Meyer!



  • If you do not have a fredmeyer.com account, go here to create one: https://www.fredmeyer.com/account/create
  • Enter your email address and a password, and select your preferred store.
  • Once your account is ready, sign into your account at www.fredmeyer.com. Once you are signed in, go here to add your Fred Meyer Reward Card to your account: https://www.fredmeyer.com/account/update. Once your card has been added to your account, go here to enroll your card into the Community Rewards program: https://www.fredmeyer.com/account/communityrewards/enroll. In the search box, enter “Franklin School PTA” or “88721”. Select Franklin School PTA, and click on Enroll. Finally, you can verify your enrollment by going to your account summary here: https://www.fredmeyer.com/account/update. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and verify that Franklin School PTA is listed under Community Rewards. That’s it! You’re all set!

First Alternative COOP

first alternative coop logoFirst Alternative donates to schools in two ways – by allowing customers to “round-up” at check-out and donating additional amount to a school – and by donating a percentage of your purchases to a school.  For rounding up, just tell the cashier you wish to do so and to donate to Franklin School.  For the percentage donation, owners may fill out a form to tie their ownership number to Franklin (please note that the purchases will not be tracked to your ownership number for dividend reasons.)  Non-owners may simply tell the cashier they wish to donate to Franklin!