Communications from Franklin

Jan. 8th, 2021 – Returning to In Person Instruction at Franklin

As we plan for a transition back to in person instruction at Franklin it is crucial that we communicate with our families to have a clear picture of your decision on sending your child to school.  Our plan will follow a pattern of Principal/ Family Forum with Feedback Form, then convey a transition with students coming into school a classroom cohort group at a time.  Classrooms are divided into A or B subgroups, with each group attending 2x/week.  One cohort, A, will attend school in person on Mondays and Tuesdays, the 2nd cohort, B will attend on Thursdays and Fridays.  The purpose of the forum  is to convey the information you need about the transition back to in person schooling while adhering to safety protocols that support mitigating the transmission of the virus.  We specifically need feedback from our families on whether they would choose:

  1. To send the student to in person schooling at Franklin 2x/week
  2. Want the student to stay in the Franklin cohort for school, but not comfortable sending them to in person schooling
  3. Plan to withdraw the student from Franklin School for 2nd semester (Feb. 8 – June 18, 2021) (i.e. Corvallis Online, homeschool, other)

Our transition plan will start with our Kindergarten classroom, adding a grade level with each successive week we are allowed to. Please note that the dates, times and schedule are subject to change.

Franklin Hybrid In Person Cohort Transition Plan

  • 1st Week – ½ of cohort B students come to school on Thursday, 2nd  ½ of cohort B students come to school on Friday.
  • 2nd Week – ½ of cohort A students come to school on Monday,  ½ of cohort A students come to school on Tuesday. All cohort B students come Thursday and Friday
  • 3rd Week – All cohort A  students come Monday and Tuesday, All cohort B students come Thursday and Friday


  •  Weekly updates and information on Franklin Parent Square;
  • Parent Forums for Hybrid Transition: 
    • K/1st Grade- 1/13/21 6 pm
    • 2nd/3rd grade 1/20/21 6 pm
    • 4th/5th grade 1/27/21 6 pm
    • 6th grade 1/28/21 6 pm
    • 7th/ 8th grade 2/3/21 pm
  • Please complete this Google Form prior to your forum session, we will be using the information collected to guide these sessions.

Ms. Purkey, Franklin Office Administrator will be sending Google Meet information to grade level parents/families for the virtual parent forums with Mr. Harlow

Thank you

Mr. Harlow
Principal, Franklin School