Elementary OBOB

Check back for details on this year’s (2019-2020) OBOB book list

Middle School OBOB

Check back for details on this year’s (2019-2020) OBOB book list

Middle School Science Olympics – currently ‘On Hold’ – check back for updated information for 2019-2020 school year!

Background: “Science Olympiad” competitions are like “academic track meets” consisting of several events in each division. (See http://soinc.org/) The students are usually assigned to a team according to their age. There might be more than one team of the same age students. Each child on a team chooses two or more events in which they wish to compete. There has to be another student on the team competing in that same event. During the competition the students compete in pairs. Some events require knowledge and the students research the subject during the practice, and some events require building contraptions.

Middle School Greek Fest

Greek Fest exemplifies an integrated approach of teaching and learning across disciplines, a hallmark of the Core Knowledge approach. Students study topics in Art, Social Studies, and Literature, which correlate and complement each other. 6th grade students will showcase projects, favor audiences with skits, and participate in games that demonstrate what students have synthesized in their studies of Ancient Greek civilizations. Younger students will visit Greek Fest, supporting curriculum taught in 2nd and 4th grades.

Middle School Mathcounts Club!

Congratulations to all of our math whiz kids! Thank you to everyone who has supported Mathcounts! The Franklin Mathcounts team came first in the regional competition and the team has qualified for the state competition. Huge thanks to coach Kris Warloe in getting the team prepared for the competition, to the PTA for sponsoring the kids and to Ms. Huang for her support in school and in arranging for the Cheldelin and Franklin teams to go up together by bus. The 6th graders who went as individual participants also had a great time!